Artistic Approach

Claudia Campbell began her career as a self-taught artist. Full of life and energy, revealing a need for freedom and balance, her paintings reflect who she is. They also powerfully convey emotions, immortalizing them in a chromatic world where colors are the artist’s language. Vibrant, dynamic and deep, or sometimes discreet, delicate and serene, Clo composes with a fascinating and balanced interplay of nuances. Each color reveals her state of mind. She engages with the canvas, and preferably of very large format, which gives her all the necessary space to explore, express, breathe and live. For a moment, there is only she.


Clo finds inspiration in nature and light, in their changing and rhythmic dances. Eager to capture and transmit this sensibility, the artist focuses on forms in her approach. She uses textured backgrounds to give an emotional range to her paintings, as well as different mediums such as acrylic paint, pigments, pastel, charcoal, and spray paint.


With her abstract art, Clo lets go of constraints and obligations, freely and without judgment. Her work allows her to reorganize her life in her own way, according to her desires. She wants to make sense of the past and structure a present that often feels incoherent and complex. She takes charge of the everyday turmoil and celebrates the pace of life with softness and femininity, longing for harmony. Such reflections and introspection process are inherent to her artistic vocabulary, in a context of abstraction.


Clo builds her compositions piece-by-piece following a methodical implementation guided by logic. Each movement is thought of right from the very beginning. Every element, be it a line, shape, texture, space, image, or color, occupies a deliberate place while being in strong relation to the others. Together they are one, creating a balanced whole that immerses the viewer into the artist’s emotions and day-to-day. This approach also allows for random brush strokes, drawn instinctively and deliberately in an irregular way, to leave room for open-mindedness and, sometimes, boldness. This freedom to create the order of things, one canvas at a time, is necessary for Clo to find her balance. It is a perfect encounter between heart and mind, from which stems a distinct style that captivates and seduces.